In Defense of Add-ons

So recently there was a post at Not So Secret Society (great blog btw) which was a response to a post by Cold over at Cold’s Gold Factory (another great gold blog). These two both more or less agreed the only add-on that you need for the AH is your brain and Cold went so far as to say he wouldn’t even recommend that a new auctioneer use add-ons at first. I think we’ve found some gold blogging Luddites!

I’m sorry folks but I cant condone this line of thinking. Well in the strictest sense of the word, I agree that the only add-on that you “need” is your brain. And I do agree that if you rely solely on addons to guide your auction house decision making then you are making a mistake. But it is as equally mistaken to not become familiar and proficient with the tools of our trade as we learn how this particular game is played. I could make any number of analogous comparisons to show the silliness of this line of thinking; the bottom line is there nothing inherent to addons that prevent you from learning the whys and hows of what goes on in the AH.

I also disagree with the notion that we can do everything just as well with our brains and the default UI just as easily or as competently as we can with addons. These addons are much better than we are at storing data, manipulating that data, etc. Of course there are also the addons that automate various tasks to perform operations much more quickly than we can as well.

Again, I have to point out that I absolutely agree that relying on addons completely is not the path to success. But there is no reason to deprive a budding auctioneer of these tools. You can teach the tools and how to use the information they provide to maximize your auctioneering results.

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One Response to In Defense of Add-ons

  1. Bobbins says:

    Luddites or do you mean swingers!

    err better add ref. to Captain Swing

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