Week in Review

I hoped to get this post up yesterday. I am back in the US and have been enjoying the family time. I did get some WoW in as well. Without further ado, here are the screen shots and then I’ll give you the blah blah blah.



So as you can see, I dont have a lot of gold right now. There was a sort of convergence of many factors which drained my gold rapidly, which was wasnt too deep to begin with since I’ve only been back in game about a month. Here is all the different issues:

  1. Prepping for my travel home (less selling and AH prowling)
  2. Bought a huge stack of raw gems from a farmer at well under market price
  3. Leveling enchanting on an alt.
  4. I also have some gold tied up in some future flips.
  5. Had a serious facepalm moment and while transferring gold from toon to another via mail I screwed up using the auto-complete function and emailed some random person a pretty nice pile of gold. No of course they didnt return it.

I will admit I also lost some focus this past week. A lot of that was about my real life stuff, but Ive also been pvping like a mad man. I’ve managed to grind myself about halfway through a full set of the Bloodthirsty Gladiator gear. I’ll probably be posting more about this soon but Ive been queuing non-stop in RBGs and Tol Barad.  On the plus side I’m now exalted with Therazane and the Wardens.

I hope you all are still reading and more posts will be coming soon!

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