Down and Dirty

Alto is one of my favorite gold bloggers. Recently he posted about how he likes to show what he is doing so his readers can really see what the fruits of his labor are, whether it be success or failure. (In fact, most times you probably learn more from failure than success. I will caveat this by saying dont let failure make you gun shy! Dont be afraid to take a flyer on something, especially if you feel like you really did your research.) I really like this approach, especially as this blog is intended to show people how to do things a certain way (min/maxing all areas of game play with limited time). I want you guys to know that I’m really doing what I’m talking about. You can judge the results for myself. I think I am going to divide this up to into something like where I’m at in gear progression, gold making, etc. I’ll probably play around this a bit but my goal is about once a week to show you where I’m at via screen shots. This may be separate posts for each category, Im not sure.

As an aside, be aware that you are going to see a lot of posts on gold making in the near future. This is my current major focus in game right now. I’ll explain why in another post, but it’s very germane to the Super Casual style of playing WoW.

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