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Hello all and welcome to Super Casual. As you may have figured out from the tagline, I play a Dwarven hunter in World of Warcraft. I’ve been playing off and on since the end of vanilla Wow and I just returned from a hiatus (due to a combination of burnout and real life commitments). I do a little bit of everything in-game. I’m particularly fond of the Auction House “game” and you will see that as a major theme in this blog.

Of course at this point you are already cursing your luck at somehow stumbling on to this blog and wondering what the heck is has to offer that the other 70 billion WoW blogs don’t already offer.  Well the answer is in the name of the blog. Super Casual is what I label my approach to WoW. Super Casual, simply put, is that although you may not focus on any one aspect of the game, you try to maximize whatever you are doing in the game. In other words, you take the time to research the best specs, gear, the fastest way to accomplish certain tasks, etc.

A lot of this has to do with the fact that I have fairly limited playtime due to a time-consuming job and a big family. This leaves me with not a lot of playtime, and I feel as if I’m wasting that time if I don’t try to do everything optimally. It’s not that I don’t want to experiment with different approaches in-game, but I don’t have time to. If we were playing a tabletop RPG, you might even call me a munchkin(look it up if you aren’t a current or former tabletop RPG geek).

I hope to blog from this perspective, although not everything is necessarily applicable. You will see a lot of posts about the Auction House and making gold(a major focus in-game for me right now), Huntering as a Super Casual, and whatever else my fevered imagination can come up with. as that is a major focus in-game for me right now. I hope you enjoy. For the Alliance!

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